Episode 51: What Your Social Media REALLY Says About You with special guest, Jillian Murphy

When it comes to sales, I KNOW you likely have a used car salesman as the sales avatar, right?! Here’s the thing. Sales should NOT feel spammy and awful…it should be a natural process. In today’s episode, I talk with the Sales Queen herself, Jillian Murphy, about how you develop content online that organically leads to sales. 

In other words, don’t you want to have people asking how to work with you versus having to hard sell people? I know you’re saying yes to this!

Jillian Murphy is a highly sought after sales and business mentor who has mastered the art of sales and scaling not only her own business, but has helped hundreds of other online business owners as well.

With over 20 years of business experience in sales/marketing and growing multiple businesses of her own, she has now made it her mission to help online business owners gain REAL results in sales and messaging. Sales is truly the oxygen of your business and the most important skill any business owner can acquire.

She has been able to grow her own business from 0 to 6 figures in 1 year; hit her first 6 figure month in 18 months and just under a half million by year 2. All without any fancy systems, ads, or even a website. It was all done with the art of communication and the art of sales!

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