Episode 52: How to Seal the Deal, with special guest Tiffany Carter

You can learn how to get anyone to work with you and buy from you consistently. But, you need to have clarity about WHO it is you want working with you…and HOW you need to message yourself in order for those people to not only be attracted to you but so they spend money with you too!

Understanding and adapting to different personality types allows you to tailor your approach and build stronger connections with potential customers. When people feel connected to you - they buy on repeat.

In today’s episode, I’m talking with multi-millionaire entrepreneur, top business coach, and podcast host, Tiffany Carter all about her trademarked emotional based sales techniques that gives you “big dollar energy” and confidence to meaningfully connect with your ideal clients to seal the deal.

Tiffany Carter is former broke TV Newscaster turned multi-millionaire entrepreneur. She is well-known for taking the mystery out of making big money online. Her speciality is teaching people how to monetize their passions, gifts, and expertise using the power of digital branding, and content marketing.

Tiffany is the Founder of the brand, the podcast, and her famous business coaching academy, ProjectME with Tiffany Carter. Her entrepreneur and money mindset podcast is enjoyed by millions all over the world.

She has taught her proven online marketing and sales techniques to over 150,000 people worldwide ranging from small business owners to multi-billion dollar corporations. Her Emotional Based Sales Techniques™ have generated over 220 million dollars in sales transactions.

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Whether you have a book of business as an executive or you own a business, this is game-changing information that will completely shift the trajectory of your you more client leads and more cash in the bank.

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